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KAMDAR PLASTICS PVT LTD is identified as one of the prominent suppliers of Plastic Raw Materials, based in India. The Plastic Raw Materials are sourced from reliable vendors to ensure high efficiency in respective applications. The materials are also available in varied sizes, dimensions and grades meeting the specifications provided by the clients. Additionally, you can also avail Plastic Raw Materials at the most affordable prices and within the stipulated timeframe.

Products Plastics are a large and varied group of materials, the overwhelming majority of which are derived from petroleum and consist of different combinations or formulations of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and some elements. They all share one essential characteristic: they are easy to from into whatever shape we desire. The wide range of our products.

Specifications :
Polypropylene [PP]
Strength - High Hinge, Easy Process Ability, Low Cost, Excellent Chemical Resistance.
Application -Packaging, Consumer Goods, Pipes And Fittings.
Packaging - 25 KGS

Polyethylene [PE]
Strength - Very Low Cost, Glass Transition Temperature, Excellent Chemical Resistance.
Application -Packaging, Consumer Goods, Pipes And Fittings
Packaging - 25 KGS

Polyvinyl Chloride [PVC]
Strength - Low Cost, High Stiffness And Easier To Process.
Application -Pipe Applications & Water Tank
Packaging - 25 KGS

Polystyrene [PS]
Strength - Good Process Ability, Low Cost, Dimensional Stability
Application -Automotive Sector, Electrical Appliances. Domestic
Application, Automobile Sector
Packaging - 25 KGS

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene [ABS]
Strength - High Rigidity, High Impact Resistance, Easy Process
Ability, High Dimensional Stability.
Application -Pipe Systems, Musical Instruments, Golf Club Heads,
Automotive Trim Components, Automotive Bumper
Bars, Medical devices
Packaging - 25 KGS

Polycarbonate [PC]
Strength - Thermal Resistance, Optical Clarity, Impact Strength
Application -Electronic Components, Data Storage, Construction
Materials, Automotive, Aircraft, Security Components
And Niche Applications.
Packaging - 25 KGS

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate [eva]
Strength - High Flexibility, Better Tear Resistances
Applications -Biomedical Engineering Applications, Padding In
Equipment For Various Sports Such As Ski Boots,
Bicycle, Saddles, Hockey Pads, Boxing And Mixed
Martial Arts, Gloves And Helmets, Wakeboard Boots,
Waterski Boots, Fishing Rods And Fishing Reel Handles.
Packaging - 25 KGS

Strength - High Impact, Self Lubricating, Good Chemical And Heat
Applications -Electrical Application. Automobile Application
Packaging - 25 KGS

Styrene Acrylonitrile [SAN]
Strength - Very Low Cost, Glass Transition Temperature & Excellent
Chemical Resistance.
Application -Food Container & Packaging, Keys Of Electric Organs
And Tail Refection Light Of Bicycle.
Packaging - 25 Kgs